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Ampac Technologies is the largest independent and privately owned supplier of fire detection and alarm systems in Australia. Ampac specialises in the design, manufacturing and technical support for a complete range of system solutions. We supply systems for a vast variety of applications including commercial and industrial buildings, mines, prisons, hospitals, hotels and multi-residential complexes.

Ampac Technologies operates Australia-wide through a network of branch offices. These offices provide sales and technical support for fire installation & EWIS contractors as well as fire discipline and electrical consulting engineers. We also work with building owners and maintenance engineers to make recommendations for future planning or budgeting. Ampac Technologies is also ISO 9001 accredited.


AB Oxford Cold Storage, Victoria

“We needed a robust solution to overcome challenges faced within a harsh freezer environment. The Wagner Freezer system was able to meet and beat that challenge” 
– Grant Keating, AB Oxford

The Wagner ASD Automated BlowFree installation will detect the reduction of air flow when sample point blockages occur, triggering compressed dried air back through the pipe work, clearing frost and ice from the engineered and  patented rubber BlowFree aspiration points.

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News and Events

Fire Australia 2015: The Right Choices for Product Compliance & Approval

The theme this year was the right choices for product compliance & approval which focussed on getting design concepts and fire protection systems and equipment right from

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FireFInder Plus

Product Overview

FireFinder Plus is an Intelligent Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel that is available in 1 to 8 loop panel options.

The FireFinder Plus is suitable for small to large sized fire detection systems and is compatible with Apollo XP95 and Discovery Detectors.

Powerful and flexible programming is achieved via AMPAC’s configuration tool ConfigManager Plus which includes many pre-engineered programming functions. Simple system programming is easily achieved via the front panel.

FireFinder Plus is configurable as a peer to peer network up to 100 panels/nodes with a maximum of 150 Loops.